Overall Point System Guideline

At the end of the Season, we will announce our “true” ranking among the members. Top 5 players or more will receive the $ from the club. To measure the best, we developed this “Overall Point System”. They are based on 4 different base categories; our monthly league meets, season highs, “basket list”, and the bag tag challenges. Some of the points rely on the number of members. So, we developed a point breakdown chart as all points are adjusted to the number of members. This will motivate members to play as much as they can to obtain the points and to compete to be best “Sabertooth” Disc Golfer of the year.

We use the point breakdown chart to spread the points to the top ranking players in specific areas. In the point guideline, you will see the “X”. The “X” represents the number that you will find in the point breakdown chart. “Y” represents the number of total players.

The top row on the chart represents the number of members. You can see the ranking position on the left column. 

The first segment on the overall point system is the points from a monthly league round. 

  • 10 points for playing a monthly league round
  • Player with best raw score will receive the sum of total players, (T) and the point breakdown(P)
  • Player with second best raw score will receive the sum of total players (Y) minus 1, and the point breakdown(X)
    1. Raw Score Winner: T + P = X
    2. 2nd Best: (T-1) + P = X
    3. 3rd Best: (T-2) + P = X
  • Player with worst raw score will receive only one point with no X (not ranked high enough to get X).
  • Bonus point: 
    • Bogey Free Round
    • 3 birdies in row
    • 5 birdies in row
    • Scored a Eagle
    • Scored a Albatross
    • Scored a Ace

Secondly, the points from season highs are simply based on 2 things for both raw and adjusted (handicap) scores. They will be worth 3 times after final count. Every top ranking player in this overall leagues high will receive the X in this list below: 

  • Best raw score of all monthly league rounds in a season
  • Best adjusted score of all monthly league round in a season
  • Best average raw score of all monthly league rounds in a season
  • Best average adjusted score of all monthly league rounds in a season

Thirdly, You also can obtain more points through other “basket list”. It’s like a member’s bucket list.

  • Perfect Attendance on our monthly league meets
  • Volunteer (any disc golf events)
  • NorCal DGC affiliated tournaments
    • Sabertooth Championship
    • Winter ASL Open
    • Deaf Sharktooth Showdown
  • Deaf Disc Golf Association affiliated tournaments
    • Deaf West Open
    • Deaf National Open

Point Breakdown:

Points Key