League Guideline

The NorCal Deaf DGC is excited to host the monthly league meets throughout the season. Anyone is welcome to play the monthly league meets as long they know how to have a conversation in the ASL. Our monthly league meets are handicapped based.

How much to play?
The league fee is $10 and there is an optional $2 for ace pot. Please pay via PayPal before the round begins. PayPal: norcalddgc@gmail.com
(Make sure that you select this option, “Sending to a friend/family” PLEASE!)

How to obtain Handicap score?
Players will obtain their handicap score after 2 rounds of our monthly league meets. The handicap scores are calculated based on 80% of the player’s average scores. Some league scores are omitted due to outlier results.

What about the Bag Tag?
The bag tag is automatically in the play. The bag tag challenge will be between players in same card only.

Tee Times:
Tee times will be determined by League Host.

UDisc- How to check in?
You can find our league by click on the Events button on bottom of the screen, then type “NorCal Deaf DGC” in the search box. “NorCal Deaf DGC” should show up in the list. Click on it to enter our league site. Scroll down to click on “Check in” button.

$10 Breakdown:
-$1 goes to winners of raw scores
-$2 goes to end of the season awards.
-$7 goes to winners of handicapped scores.
——– 25% of total players will win $, Click below for the breakdown
Tiebreaker: lowest score from last hole score will determine the winner. If there is still a tie, then onto previous holes until a winner can be determined.

League Cash Prize Breakdown:

For Overall Leaderboard Point System Guideline, Click here