Basket Challenge

The objective is to demonstrate who lands the disc closest to the basket while on live stream. Regardless of how good or bad the throw is, it must be recorded on the NorCal Deaf Disc Golf Facebook Group Page.


  1. Only Sabertooth club members are allowed to participate.
  2. A member of the group should have a phone and ability to connect to our Facebook Page
  3. The event will only occur at the designated course of the month.
  4. Live Stream is to be turn on when the lead off player tees off the pad. It is to STAY recording all the way until the disc closest to the basket is recorded. Then record the putts to the basket and end recording.
  5. No multiple throws, one will have to play the entire course again to reattempt the challenge.
  6. Share the recording on Facebook.
  7. NorCal Deaf DGC officers will review the video to determine the winner.

Add-on for Members- $5 buy-in. Prize: $10 for the month’s winner